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Fashion refers to the latest  mode of vestments ,  customs and other trendy artefacts used by people at that point of time . Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life .

Nowdays , most of the people give their best to styling and fashion . Everyone wants to be professional for clothing and dressup .

Even a small child wants to be the best in the way he wears his clothes . These , days if we talk about maintaining a good wardrobe , then girls are foremost in maintaining their attire .

With the passage of time many new types of outfits for girls has come which can be their wardrobes . Also many outfits which were trendy in early 60s and 70s has new become the fashion for today youth . Usually , in early 60s girls wear a mood outfits . At that period of time , girls choose clothes with bright colors and bold geometric pattern

They wear dresses like Button – down shirts , miniskirts , etc and accessories like oversized bow , low – block heels , and wide ties are also choice . And in the period of 70s women wear cotton or polyester knit high waisted leg pants in pastel colors paired with a tunic top .

Button – down blouse or snug knit shirt was a daily fashion . Simple and comfortable , pants dominated most of the 1970s for both day and dressy evenings . Nothing was changed from that period till today’s period , except the type of fabric used for making these outfits . Nowday,s these old fashioned clothes are the most trendy ones and the most expensive ones . These days sarees is one of the most trendy attire worn by today’s youth .

With the change in trends and outfits , new type of accessories has also came into sight . At the era of early 60s and 70s , girls have accessories like a big ear ring in geometric shapes , colourful flower necklace , and plastic character pins were all new for the space age youth . Traditional women continued to wear textured gold , pearls , and paste styles . Also , in that period girls wear hats , scarves , sunglases , gloves , purses , hairbands , belts , and hair wigs . But nowdays none want to try earlier accessories.

These days , a different kinds of accesories has started coming such a Tassel Earing , Matrix glasses , Choker , Fancy Sling Bags , Mid finger rings , Hair warth Earcuffs , spectum ring etc . After the arrival of these new accessories , we have left the old accessories far behind .

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