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Denim  is a sturdy cotton warp-faced textile in which the weft passes under two or more warp threads. This twill weaving produces a diagonal ribbing that distinguishes it from cotton duck. … The most common denim  is indigo denim in which the warp thread is dyed, while the weft thread is left white.

Denim dresses and denim top jeans are available everywhere.Both quality and brand of denim fabrics are very good.

We can also wear denim dresses for any party or occassion . Denim dresses come in every single design.We can buy denim fabric from any shop because it is available everywhere. Denim girls look so beautiful .

Now every girl wants to wear denim dress because she looks very beautiful in it.You can make any hairstyle on the dress, all its hairstyle look good.

Denim fabric dyeing is divided into two categories indigo dyeing and sulfur dyeing Indigo dyeing produces the traditional blue color or shades similar to it. Sulfur dyeing produces speciality black colors and other colors, such as red, pink, purple, grey, rust, mustard, and green.Denim are very soft .

Denim fabrics are very good available in Sarojini Market.Every type of denim dress is available there.Sarojini Market is famous for clothes in Denim .

Printed Denim are fabrics printed with a pattern such as batik, stripe or floral, for example-often in contrasting colours and aimed at a very young market .Denim dress is very type. We can also make denim tops at home.Denim dress is very much used in foreign country.Kurti now also comes in denim fabric.


  • Black – Black Denim
  • Coloured Denim
  • Cotton Serge Denim
  • Curshed Denim
  • Natural Denim

Black – Black Denim

Denim where the wrap yarn is black instead of blue and which is also dyed black after weaving . This makes the jeans truly black . Black denim color girls like it very much . Mostly girls have their favorite colour in black . Black denim matches every garment.

Coloured Denim

Coloured Denim is manufactured by dyeing with sulfur than using traditional Indigo dye. You can give desired color to every denim fabric.We can wear denim in any color.Each color is different each color has its own glow.

Cotton Serge Denim

Cotton clothes are very soft and are worn more in summer.Cotton clothes make us feel very hot.Cotton cloth absorbs our sweat.Similarly, cotton denim protects us from sunlight.Because all cotton clothes absorb sweat.

Curshed Denim

This is a Denim fabric which is weaved and treated so that it  looks permanently wrinkled or crushed.Denim dresses are worn everywhere. Crushed denim look great .

Natural Denim

A type of ring-ring denim naturally uneven in warp and weft.Natural denim has a distinct identity.His quality is known by his clothes.These clothes are also good to look at.


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