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The patiala also known as punjabi salwar is a part of three piece outfit called the salwar kameez. This patiala salwar is worn by women of every age and has been particularly associated with punjab.

The patiala was a royal dress for the king of punjab . It is believed that one of the king of punjab was very popular among the women of punjab . Girls in patiala suits look so beautiful . All indian girls wearing a patiala suits .

Patiala suit ranging from young children and older children to older children to old women also wear patiala suits. Mostly girls from punjab and delhi wear patiala suits.

Occassion Dress

Today in punjab , we get married only by wearing a patiala suits . We can wear patiala suits at wedding party and any occassion .

Most of the patiala suits are found every where in punjab . Because in punjab people wear patiala suits more than saree . Girls from punjab look very beautiful in a patiala suit.


Wearing a patiala suits can now go anywhere because it is a lots of comfortable and since they can be made from different fabrics they are good season


Punjabi salwar is coupled with a kameez and matching dupatta and that makes a whole outfits called salwar kameez .Can also wear bangles and wear on patiala suits.

The Patiala trousers are preferred by most of the women of Punjab and other regions of northern india for comfort and durability in summers. Since the Patiala salwar is very loose and stitched with pleast it is a very comfortable outfit to wear. Patiala suits do not come very expensive. Anyone can buy it.To make a good Patiala suit, 5 meters of cloth is required.Patiala suits, both thick and thin girl look good.All girls look great in a Patiala suit.This suit is made very quickly and we can make it at home.


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