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Indian haldi ceremony

The first ceremony at the beginning of marriage is haldi The Haldi ceremony is a ritual holy bath also known as pithi ceremony which is one of the pre-wedding ceremonies  in India. 

The entire family attends haldi ceremony . Ceremony of haldi is done before marriage.Turmeric ( haldi ) oil and water are applied to both the bride and groom by married women on the morning of the wedding. The mixture is believed to bless the couple before the wedding.

In Indian weddings the haldi rasam meaning  stands on the high priority list of the bride as well as the groom, it is a special place of honour in both of their hearts . Haldi rasam is a beautiful moment in life.

  • Pag phere ceremony
  • Mehndi ceremony

Indian wedding wedding has many rituals.Which have their own meanings. Haldi is a ritual in every weeding . Haldi rituals is considered very important in marriage.

This is the belief of this ritual. The ritual of turmeric enhances the appearance of the bride. Turmeric is considered very good for our skin. By applying turmeric one can get rid of many diseases in the skin. Turmeric is considered very auspicious in Indian wedding . If there are any stains on the bride’s base they turn away from turmeric.Applying turmeric makes our face very glowing.

In the olden days, when there were no beauty parlors, we used turmeric.At that time, turmeric was used to make the bride beautiful.Turmeric is an antibiotic. Which makes our face very slow.Turmeric is applied on the bride’s mouth on the day of turmeric ceremony. Tumeric is applied on the neck. Turmeric is applied on the hand.Turmeric is also applied on the feet.This is why the bride looks very beautiful on the wedding day.

The yellow color of turmeric is considered very sacred in Indian culture.Yellow color is considered very good in marriage.No, yellow color is considered to be the best for starting a new life in a couple.That is why turmeric is applied to the bride and groom in Indian culture.Somewhere the wedding is done in yellow clothes.

Traditionally, people make a paste using haldi and different ingredients according to their individual family customs. While some mix it with sandalwood powder and milk, others mix it with rose water. This paste is then applied on the bride and the groom’s face, neck, hands and feet, by their near and dear ones. This ceremony is also accompanied by traditional songs and dances at times.

10 Magicial Benefits Turmeric For Health and Beauty

1 ) To keep evil eyes away

2) Turmeric color is auspicious

3) For that extra glow

4) Turmic is an antispetic

5) Purification of the Body

6) Yellow is associated for new begining

7) A symbols of blessings

8) Wedding preparations

9) Every new thing is started with turmeric.

10) Drives away pre-wedding jitters


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