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Indian Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi is yet another traditional yet exciting pre wedding ceremony. In Indian weddings, a lot of emphasis is given on customs and rituals and the same is reflected in the Mehndi ceremony before marriage.

Mehndi is one of the oldest forms of body art conceived by man. The Hindi and Arabic word Mehendi is derived from a Sanskrit word ‘mendhika’ which referred to the henna plant itself. As there are more silk in the wedding, the ceremony of mehndi is also celebrated.

Before the wedding, the turmeric is followed by the ritual of mehndi.In the ceremony of Mehndi, all people apply mehndi, from small to big.Bridal looks great when henna is applied.

In earlier times Mehndi people used to make leaves by grinding.Now people call the henna sticker.Mehndi is applied on every festival.Mehndi is considered very auspicious in our country.

Mehndi function consists of girls and women only.Mehndi ceremony is considered very good.The Mehendi Ceremony generally takes place the day before the wedding, in the morning. The bride and the groom’s family observe this ritual separately at their own residences.

All people wear the same color dress in Mehndi Rasam.The bride wears a light yellow or light green colored Lehenga or Salwar Kameez with short sleeves preferably and the groom wears Kurta Pajama also in light colors. It is not compulsory for the groom to wear Mehendi, but a little bit is applied on his hands and feet in simple dots or small designs.

Mehndi ceremony consists of all the family, singing and singing of the mehndi to the bride and all the people.Mehndi ceremony is celebrated with great pomp.When the bride puts mehndi, the names of the bride and groom are written and their pictures are drawn.


Mehndi can be used in a small to big operation. The Festival of Art is also put in it.Mehndi is a sign of a honeymoon.Mehndi is employed by every married woman. After applying henna, its color becomes very bright.Mehndi has become a professional and art that everyone wants to learn.

Types of Mehndi

1) Indian Mehndi Designs

These designs are very popular during traditional celebrations like Diwali and Karva chauth. They are also a favourite with brides. Indian mehndi designs feature beautiful art inspired by earth, nature and emotions.

Indian mehndi design is very beautiful. Every married woman employs this because we can have her husband’s photo also made in it.She is also very beautiful in appearance.

2) Arabic Mehndi Designs

Like the name suggests this type has its origins in the Arab world. Arabic Mehndi Designs are very easy and short. Everyone can learn it.This is very different from all mehndi in view and this mehndi is very popular too. The designs of this mehndi look very beautiful.People get attracted from far away by looking at the design of mehndi.Arabic mehendi designs which are more spread out, largely feature cashew patterns and a lot of shading.

3) Indo – Arabic Mehndi Designs

Indo arabic design is very full. Mostly it is full mehndi, women only apply it.Such a mehndi is very good for married women.These fusion mehndi designs are a showcase of the best of Indian and Arabic designs. Indo Arabic mehndi designs for hands often feature a pairing of Indian floral patterns and birds with Arabic cashew and shading.

4) Western Mehndi Designs

Western mehndi designs are very attractive to look at. Most tattoos are made in it.The western mehandi designs are a lot different than their desi cousins, they feature geometric shapes, quirky patterns and often imitate hand jewellery. Tattoo designs look great in Western Mehndi.

5) Indo Western Mehndi Designs

Indo Western Mehndi Designs mix both East and West designs.The features of this design are model and traditional.This style of mehndi like the western mehndi is usually just worn as a style statement and is far from what traditional mehndi designs are like.  


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