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The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even heard but must be felt with the heart

Marriage is a big moment for a girl’s life.This moment is a very memorable moment for a girl.Girls can never forget this movement in their life.The definition of marriage varies around the world, not only between cultures and between religions, but also throughout the history of any given culture and religion.

Marriage is a relationship in which a girl meets a boy.At the same time, their families meet with each other.In which one family knows the other family well.Then a girl and boy get married in a marriage relationship.Marriage is done in different ways in every ritual.Marriage is considered a sacred relationship for girl boys.

Pre-wedding ceremony

Engagement ceremony

Mehndi ceremony

Sangeet ceremony

Haldi ceremony

Engagement Ceremony

An even bigger engagement occurs before marriage is added to the relationship.Deemed one of the most important pre wedding ceremonies not only in Hindu weddings but in other religions as well, the event of engagement is mostly an intimate one with close relatives and friends from both bride and groom’s side. Engagement is done a few months before marriage.

During the ceremony, the fathers of both about to be married individuals vouch for the virtues of their child and make a formal wedding announcement of their children to the invited guests. The bride and the groom then exchange rings during to solidify their engagement.

Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi is ritualized after pre wedding engagement. Before marriage, Mehndi ceremony is celebrated with great pomp.First the Mehndi is worn by the bride and then all the families apply Mehndi .This beautiful event takes place usually in the evening amidst a lot of dancing and music by the family members and friends. While the bride has to sit for hours to get the Mehendi art done, many of the female guests also get the Mehendi art done on at least on one hand.  All friends and family members attend the Mehndi ceremony.Mehndi rasam is celebrated in a very traditional way dholak and so on.

Sangeet Ceremony

The rituals of sangeet are celebrated in the homes of both the girl and the girl.Seen as a women centric event, Sangeet is probably the most fun Hindu pre wedding ceremony. Traditionally, the Sangeet Ceremonies should be a part of the formal engagement event, however in recent times, it is conducted individually. Thus the fun of wedding extends one more day with this celebration. The ceremony of sangeet is celebrated after mehndi. In the sangeet ceremony, girls and boys all dance at home.The bride also dances during the sangeet ceremony. In the ritual of music, all the women of the house sing.Therefore, one can see that special themes are chosen for this occasion and dance performances are prepared.

Haldi Ceremony

In turmeric rituals, all the girls combine turmeric to a bride.Turmeric is considered very good for the face. By applying turmeric, the bride’s face glows very much.A lot of friends and relatives attend turmeric rituals. In this ceremony a paste of haldi is applied on the bride and the groom’s body before or in the morning of their wedding day. Turmeric ceremonies are celebrated with great pomp.Haldi ceremony is directly connected with beautifying the bride and the groom for their big day. The colour yellow is also considered auspicious, and thus is said to ward off the evil.

Ritual after pre weeding

Garlands ( Jaimala )


Mangalsutra and Sindoor


Garlands ( Jaimala)

Jaiamala is on the wedding day. On the day of Jaiamala, both girls and boys have families.The exchange of garlands plays a vital role in Indian weddings rituals which has its roots in ancient scriptures. On that day, Fresh is garlanded with flowers from Rose and Jasmine. Then the girl with the same garland is the boy’s cheer. These garlands form a sign of quintessential Hindu weddings and look lovely on the wedded couple .


In Hinduism, girls and boys have their pheras after cheering. At the time of the rounds, all the boys sit in the girls family and the song is on.The Pheras are the seven vows also called Saptapadi is performed by the bride and groom in front of the fire. It is said that the number 7 is the only number in the series of 1 to 9, that cannot divide 360 entirely. Hence, denoting the couple to be undivided throughout this new journey, they take the “seven pheras” as part of their rituals. Their garments are tied together as they come around the fire.Everyone says that by making rounds, the boy gets half married.

Mangalsutra and Sindoor

The rituals of sindoor and mangalsutra are considered very good. This ritual is considered very good for every girl and boy.After doing this rasam, all the boys and girls are tied to each other.A Mangal sutra is a chain/necklace stringed with black beads and it also comes with a pendant. In some places, it is called as Thaali, wherein the place of the chain, they use a yellow thread. It is very auspicious and is believed to be divinely blessed to protect the married couple. The black beads of Mangalasutra is very important for every girl.This moment is very memorable for girl and boy on this day.Because on the same day, the girl and the boy tie together with each other.Mangalasutra has yellow color chain and black beads . The groom wears his bride around the mangalsutra neck. The vermilion is performed after wearing Mangalasutra.The groom applies red or orange vermilion on his bride’s forehead.It is said that this ritual does not appear to be the mother of the girl.The rituals of sindoor and mangalsutra are very important. To bond with each other in marriage.It is a very memorable moment for every girl and boy. When this ritual happens, all the people of the house play the song.Because this tall is a moment of great happiness for all the family members.After the ritual of Sindur Mangalsutra, the girl and the boy are tied in the bond of husband wife.

This is very auspicious even today and is considered as the energy within women.

From food to entertainment, from clothing to flowers, these Hindu pre-wedding rituals revolve around personal beliefs and preferences which are considered to be auspicious for the couple’s married life.After doing all these rituals, only one ritual is left.


The moment of Vidaai is a moment of great sorrow for every girl and her family.Because on that day every girl leaves her family and goes to her in-law’s house. Vidaai is an emotional moment for every girl.On that day, tears come in the eyes of all the family members.Because that day their girl becomes someone else’s daughter-in-law.In a way, this ritual signifies that bride has paid back whatever her parents have given her all these years.That day, the girl’s brother sits in a car in a bid vidaai to her sister.After the car starts, money is thrown on the road to discard or ward off the evil spirits. This post wedding event has different names in different parts of the state but everywhere it is an important ceremony. After this time, the rituals of marriage end only.


Marriage Ceremony

Marriage is a big moment for a girl’s life.This moment is a very memorable moment for a girl.Girls can never forget this movement in their life.The definition of marriage varies around the world, not only between cultures and between religions, but also throughout the history…


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Mangalsutra ( Gold and Diamond )

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