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Cracked heels is a common health problem and it may be cause infections . It is caused by dryness of the foot skin and accumulation of dead skin . Now , children and women , everyone heels are torn . Now days it has become a huge problem for everyone . We should cover and safe our heels . We should not walk barefoot on the floor . We should scrub our feet with hot water. In most cases the problem is merely a nuisance and unattractive to look at, however , when the cracks or  fissures  become deep, standing, walking or any pressure placed on the heel can be painful . want to have smooth feet ? Ingredients for Crack- heels for the right kind of pedicure.  Our feet becomes dry as the weather. changes. We should keep our hero immersed in water. We should put Vaseline on our ankles and sleep at night. They also holds harsh chemicals and a dehydrated body responsible for it . We should put some moisturizer on our face after taking bath .

Here are some Ingredients for Crack heels

1) Aloe vera gel massage

  • Any aloe vera gel ( My favourite is patanjali )
  • You will also need honey
  • You will also need glycerine
  • Also keep amd hand some cotton and socks
  • Also remedies container

Now what need you do start by taking about

  • one spoon honey
  • Add to this three spoon glycerine
  • And if you want actually keep this mixed and store for a cup of weeks
  • For the application start the aloe vera
  • Beacause it help so other and skin and nerves stremely important specially those people severe cracked heels .
  • start a mixture a little big before using because the honey tensed the syrup bottom of the container.
  • And dont leave one that dip you cotton into it .
  • And very carefully apply this on your feet .
  • Spread it gently but very very carefully . So it cover all over crack area very well.
  • And then very simply place your cotton over this .
  • Dont will have to rape at this place at gently and ofocos covered up shoes .
  • Do this at night before bed , to avoid greasy shoes / floor .

2) Rip Bananas Moisturizer

  • Rip bananas are helps to cure cracked heels.
  • Ripe bananas are one of the cheapest home remedies for cracked and dry heels.
  • Moisturizing properties.
  • Mash one rip bananas into a smooth paste.
  • Clean your feet throughly and apply the bananas paste on your heels.
  • So that your skin can absorb the natural nourishment .
  • Wash your feet gently with some warm water .
  • Do this daily for a few weeks to restore soft and smooth heels.

Reasons for Cracked Heels

1) Lack of moisturizer

  • Due to the lack of moisturizer in our body, our heels start bursting. The skin around your heels has a relatively small number of sweat glands and a lack of elasticity, so it can often become dry, rough and chapped.


Due to the lack of mineral, Vitamins, zinc , . in our diet , our help and heels health effect.

3) Pressure

Taking stress from work and home for a long time has affected our skin and heels . Due to ill health, it affects our help skins snd heels .

4) Genetics

You can be genetically predisposed to dry or thick skin and calluses around the heel, leading to cracked heels.

5) Other health disorders

Having athlete’s foot, eczema , thyroid diseases , and diabetes affects our skin , cracked heels and health.


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